The Thing I'm Most Afraid Of by author Kristin Levine

The Thing I’m Most Afraid Of


“An important story about anxiety, change, and courage.”
— Kirkus: click for full article

“Becca is an engaging and sympathetic narrator, and… recollections of the Bosnian War are heartrendingly effective.”
— Publishers Weekly: click for full article

The Jigsaw Jungle by author Kristin Levine

The Jigsaw Jungle


“Levine has created a masterwork of mystery that slowly unravels as Claudia learns more about her father’s life. The biggest trick is Levine’s ability to keep the characters both likable and realistic…Both an excellent read and an excellent puzzle.”
— Kirkus, Starred Review: click for full article

“Both an excellent read and an excellent puzzle.”
— Kirkus: click for full article

State Award for The Jigsaw Jungle

California Young Reader Medal Finalist CALIFORNIA 2021

The Paper Cowboy by author Kristin Levine

The Paper Cowboy


“A winningly authentic, realistic and heartwarming family drama.”
— Kirkus: click for full article

“Levine creates a believably frustrated and overwhelmed protagonist in Tommy… It’s a thoughtful story about understanding and compassion, distinguished by complex characters and a supportive, tight-knit community.”
— Publishers Weekly: click for full article

3 State Awards for The Paper Cowboy

Rebecca Caudill Young Readers’ Book Award Master List ILLINOIS 2017
Virginia Readers’ Choice Award Nominee VIRGINIA 2016-2017
Wisconsin’s Just One More Page! Master List WISCONSIN 2015
The Lions of Little Rock by author Kristin Levine

The Lions of Little Rock


“Kristin Levine’s “Lions of Little Rock,” the story of a black girl and a white girl who become friends during the integration of that city’s schools in 1958, has been awarded the New-York Historical Society’s first children’s history book prize.”
— New-York Historical Society Children’s History Book Prize

“A story of friendship between two girls in the civil-rights-era South.”
— New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice

25 State Awards for The Lions of Little Rock

WINNER New Mexico Land of Enchantment Book Award NEW MEXICO 2015
WINNER Massachusetts Children’s Book Award MASSACHUSETTS 2014-2015
NYC Reads 365 Reading List (Grades 7-8) NEW YORK 2016-2017
Maud Hart Lovelace Book Award Nominee MINNESOTA 2015-2016
Oregon Reader’s Choice Award Nominee OREGON 2015
Capitol Choices Noteworthy Titles WASHINGTON D.C. 2012-2013
Illinois Children’s Choice Award ILLINOIS 2012-2013
NYPL’s 100 Books for Reading and Sharing NEW YORK 2012-2013
Teen Nutmeg Book Award CONNECTICUT 2012-2013
Texas Lonestar Reading List TEXAS 2012-2013
Black-Eyed Susan Book Award MARYLAND 2013-2014
Kentucky Bluegrass Award KENTUCKY 2013-2014
Keystone to Reading Book Award PENNSYLVANIA 2013-2014
Maine Student Book Awards MAINE 2013-2014
Pennsylvania Young Readers Choice Awards PENNSYLVANIA 2013-2014
South Carolina Book Awards SOUTH CAROLINA 2013-2014
William Allen White Children’s Book Award Nominee KANSAS 2013-2014
Grand Canyon Reader Award ARIZONA 2014-2015
Young Hoosier Book Awards INDIANA 2014-2015
Children’s Sequoyah OKLAHOMA 2015
Georgia Children’s Book Award GEORGIA 2014-2015
Chicago Public School Battle of the Books ILLINOIS 2014

Starred Reviews

“The remarkable story of the Little Rock Nine is familiar to many, but what happened next? In this quietly powerful page-turner, Levine focuses her attention on the events that unfolded in Little Rock the year after the integration of the city’s public schools.”
— Kirkus Reviews: click for full article

“With remarkable depth and clarity, Levine unflinchingly portrays racial tension in the 1950s Deep South. Reader will be moved by Marlee and Liz’s strong bonds and inspired by Marlee’s unwavering tenacity in the face of what seems like insurmountable adversity.”
— School Library Journal

“Successfully weaving historical events with a dynamic personal narrative, Levine (The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had) offers a riveting, frequently tense portrait of 1958 Little Rock, Ark., the tumultuous year when the governor refused integration by closing local high schools.”
— Publishers Weekly: click for full article

The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had by Kristin Levine



An ALA Best Book for Young Adults
Honor book for the Judy Lopez Memorial Award for Children’s Literature 2010

Starred Reviews

“Tension builds just below the surface of this energetic, seamlessly narrated first novel set in small-town Alabama in 1917. Twelve-year-old Harry, aka Dit, has been looking forward to the arrival of the new postmaster from Boston, said to have a son Dit’s age.”
– Publishers Weekly: click for full article

“This classic story of how unlikely persons can change things for the better should appeal to all readers.”

7 State Awards for The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had

Virginia Readers’ Choice Award Master List VIRGINIA 2010-2011
Kansas State Reading Circle Catalog KANSAS 2010
Pennsylvania School Library Association’s Young Adult Top Forty PENNSYLVANIA 2010
Alabama Camellia Children’s Choice Book Award ALABAMA 2010-2011
Garden Sate Teen Book Award NEW JERSEY 2012
Utah Beehive Award UTAH 2012
Land of Enchantment Book Award Master List NEW MEXICO 2011-2012

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